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› ID Magazine

› Emigré Magazine

› Power|Play @ the International Film Fest of Rotterdam


› IGDA Reality Panic: Social Commentary in Games

› IGDA Reality Panic: The Case for Crit

› USC Interactive Design Weblog

› TechKwonDo__julian bleecker - SimCity2000. Urban Crisis: Past, Present and Virtual
Link on page goes to .pdf download. Rafael and Crosser™ & La Migra™ quoted on pg. 14-15.

› The Denver Post
Link goes to archive search results.

› Rethinking War Games Activate mentioned us in their journal.

› Bruce Sterling gave us a nod on his Viridian blog.

› We are members of the Learning Games Initiative at the University of Arizona.

› A copy of the press release from [Empyre] was published on the fora.

› selectparks has listed us on their database of developers.

› There is a mention of me in the New York Fine Arts newsletter, I'm not sure why... Rafael and the games are mentioned in "Engaging the Audience in New Media and Information"