May 27, 2013

cooperative organizational skills are not taught in schools

"The biggest challenge in creating this New Economy is that the core skills needed to create millions of co-operative enterprises (ones that fill identified, unmet real human needs) are in short supply, are not taught in the ‘education’ system, and are more advanced than the skills we had to develop to use the technology of the Internet. But it’s possible, and the New Economy movement is clearly growing, and will start to provide these skills and hence support wirearchies as it gains momentum."
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collaborative vs cooperative org

“In the collaborative business, people affiliate with coworkers around shared business culture and an approved strategic plan to which they subordinate their personal aims. But in a cooperative business, people affiliate with coworkers around a shared business ethos, and each is pursuing their own personal aims to which they subordinate business strategy. So, cooperatives are first and foremost organized around cooperation as a set of principles that circumscribe the nature of loose connection, while collaboratives are organized around belonging to a collective, based on tight connection. Loose, laissez-faire rules like ‘First, do no harm’, ‘Do unto others’, and ‘Hear everyone’s opinion before binding commitments’ are the sort of rules (unsurprisingly) that define the ethos of cooperative work, and which come before the needs and ends of any specific project. ”
via: via: Stowe Boyd, Kakul Srivastava asks “Is the nature of identity and belonging changing in the emergent business?” at:

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May 26, 2013

Comics 1 reprise | Green Arrow quote sourced

In a post from 2010 I mentioned a quote from the Green Arrow comic that has stuck with me. I ran across that post and was motivated to see if I could find the panel. I haven't found the panel, but I found the citation that will make finding the panel trivial:

On that date I was actually seven years old. I would turn 8 in late March of that year. My mom's diary notes that I was a reluctant reader until I found comic books. It's amazing that this story would have stuck with me so very deeply.

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February 05, 2013

On NBCLatino

I completely forgot to mention that we had a short feature on NBCLatino!
Many thanks to Adrian Carrasquillo!

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