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Juan and the Beanstalk™ is a videogame work in progress. Playable fragments are published here as public alpha tests and to get the word out. Please feel free to share these links with friends. All works are licensed for your use under a Creative Commons, attribution, non-commercial, share-alike license.

› play FiFa Fo FUM™!! (alpha v.01)

› play FiFa Fo FUM™!! (alpha v.02)

There are some known bugs:
occasionally the game gets stuck when the ball
is covered by the player (a z-ordering problem)
we have provided a [reset] button in the lower
right hand side of the game screen to start
the game over and unstick it.

Please send comments, suggestions,
and questions about FiFa Fo Fum to:

› play Excite Burro (alpha v.3.03)

It's a day at the races! How fast can Conchita go?

› play Juan Runner (alpha v.05)

Help Juan escape from the emerald mine!

› play Seeds of Solitude (v.07)

› play Seeds of Solitude (v.11)

Help Juan destroy the poppies before the butterflies fill the screen with them!