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Glen Carlson

name: Glen Jeffrey Carlson
born: March 6, 1983
hair: Brown eyes: Blue
height: 5'8" weight: 155 lbs.

Glen Carlson is a Senior studying Electronic Media Arts Design as a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Denver.

Glen was born in Santa Cruz, CA and raised in Mountain View, CA. He came to Denver for college in 2001. His artistic focus is extremely diverse, dealing with subjects such as finding and creating identity in a homogenized culture, conceptual branding, gender, religion, and emergent aesthetic systems. His passion in identity and branding systems has led his artistic development.

Glen has a beautiful fiancé, Ana, a sister, Allyson, and two great parents. He plays hockey, loves jazz, and plays the drums when he can.

That pretty much sums Glen up to a point. His interests and life events are all over the place, at least too much to explain here. Stop by his website to say hello.