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Our latest news and thoughts, including research notes for works in progress.

Welcome DiGRA Tokyo attendees! You've found your way here by decoding the barcode on the trading card you were given. That card is one in a set of 90 unique images. It is as a part of an early alpha version of our Juan & The Beanstalk trading card game, which is a companion piece to our videogame of the same name. Playable fragments of that vidoegame are available below. Both the card game and the videogames are set in Colombia and explore issues of the culture of drug agriculture. There are only two complete editions of the cards at present. One has been "seeded" to DiGRA attendees.

It was suggested by the difficulty of the puzzle that you have solved to get here that we create a company called “Inscrutable Games™” which I'm delighted to do.

› play FiFa Fo FUM™!! (v.01)

› play FiFa Fo FUM™!! (v.02)

This public alpha is a fragment of a larger
work in progress called "Juan and the
Beanstalk." It is released here for testing
and promotional purposes. Please feel free to
share this link with friends. Please send
comments, suggestions, and questions to SWEAT collaborator, Larry Nguyen

› play Seeds of Solitude (v.07)

› play Seeds of Solitude (v.11)

Help Juan destroy the poppies before the butterflies fill the screen with them!

› SWEAT Generic Game Engine

A modest, experimental, game engine. Originally Mac OS X-only, but should now be cross platform capable. The engine relies on the Yahoo Widget Engine Infrastructure. It is open-source and exstensible. We've created the bones of a game as an example and encourage you to create your own!